If I had to summarize Locala in one word, I would say “Team”. Why? Because a great company is above all a great team: a team sharing the same values and the same passion to win. 
Christophe Collet, CEO

At Locala, we follow 3 core values that are embedded in every decision we make

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We care

We’re kind and considerate to each other, our clients and our communities. We’re determined, conscientious, skilled and incredibly proud of our achievements. We are fair to all. We act transparently, responsibly and sustainably toward people and the planet. 

Christophe Collet, CEO giving a talk to lacalers

We invent

We’re passionate about invention and embrace the new. We take risks and put ourselves to the test. Our products are unique and challenge the status-quo. We love to make a difference. 

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We succeed

We help you succeed. We set the bar high, work together and commit to delivering an outstanding product. We make an impact and achieve excellence every single day.

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Company life: International seminars (we’ve been to Ibiza & Lisbon!), after-work gatherings, in-person training, end-of-year Holiday parties, wellness weeks & more!
Internal surveys: Direct employee input to shape the company’s engagement culture with regular feedback and surveys.
Remote work: Telecommuting policy in all our countries.

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Health: Competitive health coverage in local markets.
CSR: We show that we care about the environment, to know more, check out our CSR page.
DE&I: Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a part of our global strategy, as illustrated by our recruitment policy, which guarantees equal treatment for all candidates.