Audi: Awarded omnichannel campaign

This campaign was awarded the French Digital Advertising Award  Cas d’Or Région Sud Est 2023 Gold in the “Omnichannel” category in January 2023.

The Brief

During its September 2022 open house, Audi launched the AUDI NOW campaign, with the goal to promote new vehicles already available in dealerships.
In this context, Audi partnered with Extend and Locala to launch an omnichannel media activation strategy. The goal was to increase foot traffic to a selection of 144  French dealerships spread over 3 regions.

The Strategy

Localaudiences: A national campaign targeting local audience segments 

  • Set up an activation in 3 regions to cover a selection of 144 dealerships in France.
  • Identification of high potential areas for each dealership.
  • Activation of 2 high-value audience segments: CSP+ and Auto Intentionalists.

Localactivation: An omnichannel activation campaign orchestrated in two stages

1/Awareness and purchase intention:

  • Broadcasting of geo-localized audio spots in the catchment areas of Audi dealerships.
  • Broadcasting of a mix of animated formats (MPU, Interstitial, Banner) with redirection to the nearest dealership.


  • SMS retargeting on audio and mobile display presentations to reach a maximum of contacts within the target area. 

Localattribution: An omnichannel activation measured by channel

 Integration of a dynamic pixel to measure the performance of each media channel in real time.

Localanalytics: valuable insights for Audi

  • The most ROI-intensive channel is mobile display. 
  • SMS converts the fastest to a visit.

Visits to dealerships are made on average between 1 and 3 days after ad exposure.

  • Audio and SMS: visit to store occurred 24 hours after ad exposure. 
  • Display in App: visit to store occurred 1-3 days after ad exposure.

Visits from the exposed audience are highest at the beginning of the week: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Results

Overall business results: 

  • 10,372 Visits to dealerships
  • 100% of dealerships visited
  • x6 Uplift by combining Audio, Display and SMS 

High-performance business results by channel: 

  • Audio: 383 visits, +41% Uplift 
  • Display: 7,970 visits, +42% Uplift 
  • SMS: 2019 visits, +192% Uplift 

"The campaign allowed us to achieve a nice volume of dealership visits, as well as record performance in terms of cost per visit. In addition, we were able to access valuable insights to enrich our future campaigns"


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