The foundation
of Data Privacy Compliance
at Locala

“At Locala, we are committed to protecting consumer’s essential right to privacy.
This enables us to help brands drive business decisions while ensuring privacy compliance is at the core of everything we do.”

Hugo Picard
Locala’s VP Engineering

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100% of our data is compliant with the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework. This means we collect, use and share data that is only obtained by user’s consent.

This approach allows us to source our data from 950 million users worldwide based on their GPS and IDFA information.

Our proprietary closed system with cookieless privacy by design is focused on brand protection against unsafe and toxic data, inappropriate content, and all types of privacy liability.

A store centric approach

Our approach is focused on the analysis of aggregated mobility trends within a commerce area.

Our advanced algorithms calculate store lift values
all without the use of cookies.

Our method

We use census block analysis, which is the most commonly used statistical method for mapping specific trends within a specific area. This allows us to stay precise while not tracking individual devices.

Data Privacy Framework
Apple’s App Tracking
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