“At Locala, we believe being transparent about how we collect and leverage data is key to building successful partnerships.”

Michael Colson
Locala’s Chief Product
& Technology Officer

A 3-step approach

Collect signals to identify users exposed to our campaigns and client store visits.
Match visitors’ IDs to exposed users’ IDs when a visit happens after ad exposure.
Use algorithms to project our results and understand the entire campaign’s impact.

A unique omnichannel attribution model

Locala’s omnichannel attribution creates clear channel performance metrics and optimizes your customer’s path-to-purchase visibility.

Our model is 100% focused on driving results at the store level, placing in-store foot traffic at the center of all analysis.

How do we do it?

Using exposure frequency and timing, we credit channels based on visibility.

We distribute most of the visit credit to the channels seen the most and give more visit credit to impressions at the start and at the end of the exposure path.

This is Fractional Attribution.

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