Creative ad experiences

Discover our latest creative ad experiences adapted to each step of the funnel.

Designing for the marketing funnel

The way you communicate depends on the touchpoint.
Locala’s ad experiences are built to optimize and adapt to each step of the marketing funnel to leverage your investments

Presentation on what ad format you should use according to the consumer's journey

Adapting to your audience and to each channel

Our ads experiences are conceived to be adapted to not only the marketing funnel but also the audience.

Presentation of an ad format on mobile with different types of interactions

Discover some of our latest experiences

The Store Navigator

Using Locala’s proprietary location-based technology, the Store Navigator provides users with a brand’s nearest store locations, including information on distance, directions & travel time depending on the chosen travel mode.

As a result, advertisers can increase their foot traffic by seamlessly driving consumers to their nearest store locations through an engaging and user-friendly experience.

The Benefits for users, on the other hand, is the ability to seamlessly navigate to stores that are most convenient for them, based on their location and preferred travel mode.

The Flyer

The Flyer enables advertisers to deliver an interactive catalog experience in a digital, omnichannel environment. Moreover, users can discover and engage with new products and deals in a sustainable, eco-friendly way, while advertisers can directly measure the impact of their marketing investments.

Using The Flyer format, users are presented with an engaging ad that includes a prompt to explore a brand’s catalog and offers.

Users can also easily connect and shop with brands without the need to download a retailer’s app or search for a brand’s product or discount online, creating a smooth user experience.

The Multi-Store DCO

Intuitive by design, the Multi-Store DCO is ideal for advertisers who wish to raise awareness of their products as well as for promoting a localized selection of brand-owned stores.

This innovative format combines branded product content with a Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) feature, helping consumers to identify the closest range of retailers.

The Gallery

Designed to display multiple products in an easily scrollable thumbnail format, The gallery uses e-commerce display codes to showcase multiple products and couples them with machine learning drive-to-store strategy in order to help retailers highlight products available at the location nearest to the customer.

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