Our commitment...

Locala actively supports the UN Global Compact
and adheres to the Paris Climate Agreement.

We are committed to measuring the impact of the economic, environmental and social aspects of our business activities with Carbometrix and Ecovadis.

...for the Planet...

Our actions include raising awareness among our employees on environmental issues in the digital industry, supporting our employees in taking steps towards sustainability and getting involved locally and globally.

As an example, we invite you to check our initiatives on NooS, which includes our long standing partnership with Ecotree to support biodiversity with to measure the impact of our actions and see concrete results.

...and all the People

As a global company with employees from all over the world, Locala is committed to creating a safe workplace where all are welcome and our differences are celebrated.

We encourage and support diversity, equity, and inclusivity through global and local initiatives.To learn more, visit our culture and values page.

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