“Our exclusive audiences are the fastest path to win customers and outsmart competitors today, while building valuable prospects’ intent for tomorrow.”

Auxandre Stephan
Locala’s Senior Insights and Analytics Manager, EU and APAC

Advanced Audience Targeting

Connect with audiences that are most likely to convert using Locala’s advanced audience segments.

Combine location, contextual, financial, and proprietary customer journey data for granular activation.

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Exclusive Commerce Data

Gain a deeper understanding of consumer buying and mobility patterns using Locala’s exclusive commerce data. Identify your Loyal Shoppers, Brand Switchers, and Most Valuable Prospects, all at the store level.

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Competitor Conquesting

Leverage competitor cross-visitation insights to increase foot traffic and sales from consumers who have previously shopped at your competition.

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“Collaborating with Locala seemed like a no-brainer. Thanks to their advanced drive-to-store offer, we were able to optimize in real-time towards incremental visits and measure the real impact of mobile ad-spend.”
Matteo Colombo, Media Manager – Kiko Milano

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