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Activate media strategies that build brand awareness and increase foot traffic. Our predictive AI enables your brand to gain real-time visibility into your stores so you can drive business outcomes at the local and national level.

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Every stage of the customer journey across every channel

Did you know that combining mobile and DOOH increases your campaign reach by 303%? Locala’s omnichannel platform connects brands with consumers at every stage of the customer journey and across every digital channel, no matter where they are.

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Our design team works closely with clients to develop customized solutions to reach your goals and objectives. Locala maximizes your campaign performance with impactful creatives and A/B testing to optimize performance as you go.

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“Smeg wanted to test a campaign with Locala due to Locala’s excellent targeting and footfall measurement capabilities. We have regularly used Locala for many destination clients and knew that they would be the best partners for Smeg’s campaign. We are pleased to see the positive results of this drive -to-store campaign as well as the valuable insights that we received at the end of the campaign.”
Nikita Shah, Senior Account Manager at The Grove Media

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