St Hubert

As one of the biggest regions in Canada, Quebec has an abundant amount of dining out options, making it hard for restaurant brands to stand out. Iconic rotisserie, St Hubert, wanted to address the market competition by reaching millennial urbanites throughout the major cities in order to drive restaurant visits with their new brunch offering.

Campaign Insights

St Hubert tapped iProspect and Locala to put forth a drive-to-store campaign to reach a new audience and increase dining room visits.

In order to determine the campaign’s effect on real-world outcomes, the brand implemented a strategy that could connect the impact of online impressions to incremental in-restaurant visits.

Focused on competitor conquest, mobile IDs of adults aged 25 to 35 who had visited one of the top 20 competing brunch restaurants in the previous 90 days were gathered. These trendy and urban brunch-goers were delivered a branded ad promoting St Hubert’s brunch offering.

After being exposed to the ad, the user was then guided to click through to a map that displayed the amount of travel time to the nearest St-Hubert restaurant, all based on their real-time location.

Campaign Results

In just 4 weeks, St Hubert saw an impressive 35% uplift of exposed consumers, which boosted in-restaurant traffic during brunch hours.

The innovative drive-to-store campaign yielded a remarkable return on ad spend of $21 in revenue on each dollar invested.

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