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Headshot of Christophe Collet, CEO

Christophe Collet

CEO linkedin
Headshot of Pierre Padiou, Chief of Staff

Pierre Padiou

Chief of Staff linkedin
Headshot of Michael Colson, Chief Product & Technology Officer

Michael Colson

Chief Product & Technology Officer linkedin
Headshot of Armelle Quenard, Chief People Officer

Armelle Quenard

Chief People Officer linkedin
Headshot of Atef Drissa, SVP Finance

Atef Drissa

SVP Finance linkedin
Headshot of Ed Silhan, Country Manager US

Ed Silhan

Managing Director & CRO Americas linkedin
Headshot of Sandrine Préfaut, Europe Manager

Sandrine Préfaut

Managing Director Europe linkedin
Headshot of Hadrien Bailly, Country Manager Canada

Hadrien Bailly

Managing Director Canada linkedin
Headshot of Benjamin Sekkai, Nothern Europe Manager

Benjamin Sekkai

Managing Director Northern Europe linkedin
Headshot of Benvenuto Alfieri, Country Manger Italy

Benvenuto Alfieri

Managing Director Italy linkedin

Vincent Pang

Managing Director APAC linkedin
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