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USA • Q2 2022

What do the world's top brands ask locala for?

Reach new, high-value customers

Drive them to their stores

Prove the results

Trusted for more than a decade by the world’s top retailers, restaurants, and auto brands, Locala is the recognized leader in driving consumers to stores and proving the results.

What drives our PERFORMANCE.

Exclusive Analytics, Attribution & Brand Safety

Focus = Performance

Technology Built
for Discovery

Locala’s powerful & complete suite of marketing tools give you unmatched visibility into your shoppers and competition, while giving you complete control over where and when you reach your high-potential consumers and drive them in to buy.

Our data is
always open.


Why do our clients love us? We deliver unmatched results.

18.5% industry average performance

Work with us

Work with us


"Best Geolocation Platform" at the 2022 MarTech Breakthrough Awards

AdExchanger's 2021 Programmatic Power Players

Best Restaurant Campaign at the OMMA Awards