Dell shifts to online sales with a Drive-To-Web omnichannel campaign


Dell France wanted to target relevant users in France to support their transition for an offline retail presence to a 100% online presence. Leveraging Locala unique location capabilities, we were able to find the most relevant audiences in these locations.


Leverage Locala’s location capabilities to target Users 18+ in locations near teach stores and in high affinity areas where Dell’s audience could be found..

Locala leveraged a 4 media omnichannel activation which helped in driving not only Awareness, brand recall and purchase intent but also strong site visits.

Thanks to our activation, low frequency cap, strategic planning and use of Data and real time optimisations of the 4 media, almost 1 out 4 users exposed to the campaign, who clicked on a media landed on the website. 

Mobile & DOOH ad for Dell
Percentage of site's visit 44% (1)
Increase of Consideration 26% (2)
Intent 29% (3)
Network insights blue - icon
CTR Up to 4.65% (4)
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(1) When all media are combined
(2) When users were exposed to the campaign
(3) On testing Dell when exposed to our activity
(4) on SMS

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