Drive-to-Store Beyond the Mobile


Here’s how Henkel Italia, with OMD Italia – Omnicom Media Group’s media agency and communication consultant of the German brand for many years – decided to rely on Locala to support the Palette campaign from past April.

The Brief

Henkel’s main goal was to raise awareness about the Schwarzkopf Palette hair products, distributed by some selected Esselunga stores throughout their national territory in April 2022.

The Strategy

Strategic coordinated actions, performed by OMD for Henkel, in synergy with Locala’s know-how, guided the client to undertake a high-tech and data-driven communication campaign, combining the potential of digital advertising with proximity mobile technology to strengthen the client’s presence online and offline.

The approach used to reach the requested results was revolutionary: the mobile, leading actor of the proximity campaign, found in programmatic D(OOH) the perfect ally for generating incremental visits to Esselunga stores. The innovative aspect lies in the technology used: the campaign was delivered through Locala’s DSP proprietary technology, Fusio, which allowed both media purchasing and the leading KPI delivery optimization for the drive-to-store campaigns: the in-store visits. Access to the biggest inventory range D(OOH) was possible thanks to the integration with Hivestack’s SSP technology.

The targeting strategy used was to intercept, through the mobile campaign, a feminine audience with Hair Care, Hair Color, Personal Care & Beauty interests, that was in proximity of a 15 min-range (by car or by walking) from the selected Esselunga stores.
Locala has long introduced the exclusive feature of delivering a proximity mobile strategy, considering the travel time by car or by walking distance, compared to the referring POI.

This campaign’s strategy was developed by using Hivestack’s unique “Custom Audiences” activation solution to identify key audience segments compared to Esselunga stores, combined with Locala’s technology to target the affinity areas which would be targeted on D(OOH) screens using programmatic technology. This has moved the campaign one step further from a one-to-many campaign to a one-to-many-selected campaign which allowed it to deliver an extremely targeted message to the right audience.

Another relevant aspect to underline is the creative support that Locala provided to Henkel in developing graphic formats for the mobile campaign and the D(OOH): it has been crucial for both sides to have a common language and act synergistically to reach the KPIs.

Campaign Results

This strategic partnership, thanks to the chance that Fusio gives to real-life measure in-store visits, allowed to perform very positive results:

  • 26K visits were generated during the campaign, with a cost per visit (CPV) not superior to 2 EUR, which generated a 56% uplift.
  • The campaign planned the implementation of a BLS made with Happydemics, an exclusive partner of Locala, which allowed the interviewing of the exposed audience, with no incentives, then compared their answers with another panel of non-exposed audience.
  • The evidence in analyzing the two groups shows that 35% of the advertising-exposed respondents remembered the advertisement, +24 percentage points compared to the non exposed. Furthermore, the interviewees had the chance to both express their level of interest in the product and to choose between several brands with similar products. The results obtained were extremely interesting to build targeted strategies in the future.

Matteo Giarrizzo, Head of Media Italy, Greece & Cyprus, Global Ad Tech Lead, Henkel. “We have been having a strong and consolidated data-driven strategy on digital media that allows us to reach the targeted audience with a coherent message. In this context, we are happy to be able to expand the audience-based approach also on outdoor channels, which allows us to add the proximity element to influence the purchasing choices of our consumers.”

Benvenuto, Country Manager Italia, Locala. “I’m extremely happy that our strategy has been chosen by Henkel and OMD, we are bringing on the market a new vision of the drive-to-store that goes beyond the mobile. Having a new technology that allows us to have all of that is incredible. I want to compliment the Locala Creative, Operation, and Sales Team for the amazing work done.”

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