LEGO - Taking the Chat Out Of The Bot

LEGO, the international toymaker, partnered with Locala and Carat to innovatively reach parent shoppers across Singapore during the 2017 Christmas shopping season. To create a personalized experience while shortening the path to purchase for the target audience, LEGO launched The Santa Chatbot campaign.

Campaign Insights

To raise awareness and increase engagement of LEGO’s target audience, the Santa Chatbot was designed to assist parents during the high-pressure Christmas season. After seeing the LEGO creative on their smartphones, consumers could click on the call-to-action “Chat with Santa” and begin using the chatbot. Here, parents found product suggestions when searching for the LEGO toy most suitable for their child. Once a product was selected, users were then directed to LEGO’s online store or provided with the closest location where they could purchase the toy.

Campaign Results

Throughout the campaign, online metrics showed consistently high user engagement. With the same media budget, LEGO’s 2017 Christmas campaign achieved 100% more clicks than generated in 2016. On average, the chatbot conversation sessions were 2.08 minutes long. The landing page, in this case, the chatbot conversation flow, saw entry rates three times higher than the industry average and user interaction rates four times higher than the industry average.

The “Restart” button option in the chatbot was one of the top 10 buttons clicked, demonstrating audiences were eager to explore more features in the chatbot. Among the products recommended by the LEGO Santa Chatbot, there was an impressive +300% sales uplift compared to the weeks before the campaign’s activation.

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