Dr. Oetker

There’s a saying – ‘never underestimate the power of good food’. And Belgians won’t disagree. With a projected €124 million to be generated by the Food & Beverages industry in 2020, they certainly put their money where their mouth is.

The Brief

Nothing beats the experience of eating a delicious dish, discovering new flavors, or savoring a special meal. Food industry heavyweight Dr. Oetker understands that and wanted to appeal to consumers’ tastebuds with their wide selection of frozen pizzas to drive visits to points of sale.

The Strategy

Dr. Oetker partnered with media agency MediaCom and Locala to raise awareness about their “Buy 3 Get 1 free” frozen pizza offer, and drive customers to points of sale in Belgium. To do so, Locala ran a drive-to-store campaign leveraging mobile ad formats to interact with foodies and help them identify their nearest store carrying Dr. Oetker.

Throughout the campaign, we leveraged our geotargeting capabilities to only target audiences within a specific area of Dr. Oetker points of sale who were most likely to convert to a visit. To ensure the campaign reached relevant devices, we utilized GeoAccuracy®, a proprietary feature developed to filter out suspicious geolocation data to target only real consumers around true location points.

Locala combined MPU, banner, and interstitial ad formats to enlarge Dr. Oetker’s advertising reach, diversifying media activations and optimizing towards the best return on ad spend. During two weeks, we combined our geotargeting tools and Fusio, our proprietary drive-to-store platform, to deliver a store locator leveraging users’ real-time location to display a live map with walking or driving directions to stores carrying Dr. Oetker products.

At Locala, we never judge our own performance. We leveraged third party visitation data from independent partner Adsquare to measure visits to Dr. Oetker points of sale and integrated those results into our platform to optimize the campaign in real time towards more store visits.

The Results

The Dr. Oetker drive-to-store campaign generated meaningful business results. With over 700,000 impressions fully rendered in brand-safe environments, the campaign led to 2,249 in-store visits directly attributable to our advertising efforts. This translated into a staggering +109,10% footfall uplift.

The best performing day for this campaign was Tuesday, with 28.41% of total in-store visits, and 2PM was the most popular time to visit with 10.94% of overall in-store visits. On average, shoppers converted to a store visit within 2 days.

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