Penny Market

The Italian discount industry is experiencing a fast-paced evolution. New competitors are entering the market and offering a better in-store range and improved customer service. Even well-known international retailers like Penny Market need to play it smart to keep their lead position in this competitive market.

Campaign Insights

Penny Market relied on iProspect media agency and drive-to-store specialist Locala to raise awareness for their offer, and locally support their expansion strategy across Italy. Together we developed an always-on mobile advertising campaign, with the aim of driving customers to the growing network of 375 Penny Market stores.

Through geo-targeting, we were able to exclusively reach users close by Penny Market stores. By using our immersive ad formats, Penny Market were able to showcase their weekly offers, engaging shoppers with new discounts. To enhance the relevance of the messaging and guide users to stores, we used Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) to dynamically display the address of the nearest store.

By clicking on the ad, shoppers were redirected to a store locator with directions to the nearest Penny Market point of sale. To ensure successful conversion, we optimized the campaigns in real-time, leveraging machine learning technology and combining different ad placements.

Campaigns Results

The Penny Market campaigns generated meaningful business outcomes, driving more than 70,000 visits to the retailer’s stores during the partnership early stages. Among the total visits registered, over 44% were incremental, with an average footfall uplift of 80%. A huge success that represents a key, tangible step in Penny Market’s plan to be closer to their shoppers and build a strong, lasting relationship with them every day.

“Locala is the right partner to develop online to offline marketing campaigns, going far beyond the traditional communication strategies, to create a concrete, incremental impact in the physical world.” Silvia Calà – Digital Leader – iProspect

“Every day we aim to be close to our customer in a way that feels personal, relevant and timely. Having that in mind, we are growing the network of our physical stores while investing more on mobile advertising to communicate our presence. We chose to partner with Locala to build and deliver a mobile campaign that would increase our brand awareness while delivering measurable business results.” Bruno Bianchini – Marketing Director – Penny Market

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