In the luxury industry, timeless fashion coexists with innovative strategies and the latest technologies. High-end consumers are continuously evolving and it’s vital for luxury brands to stand out to the right audience, by using the right communication. 

In 2019, Burberry launched the Monogram collection, a new line combining the founder’s initials with Burberry’s iconic pattern.

Campaign Insights

Aiming to promote the collection and attract valuable customers to its Montenapoleone boutique – in the heart of Milan’s fashion district – Burberry partnered with Dentsu media agency and drive-to-store specialist Locala.

Locala delivered a successful mobile advertising campaign, combining effective audience geotargeting, a “two-screen” strategy of out-of-home and mobile and captivating ad formats.

Leveraging the power of mobile data, we were able to define consumers’ shopping and lifestyle habits for the last 30 days, thanks to historic location data. Locala identified a cluster of wealthy lifestyle lovers in Milan –  people who visited Burberry’s competitors’ boutiques, multi-brand luxury stores, Michelin-starred restaurants and exclusive clubs, key lifestyle locations (e.g. spas and theaters) and the most affluent destinations and streets in Italy (e.g. Porto Cervo).

Thanks to real-time location targeting, Locala reached those users when they were 2km from the Montenapoleone boutique, with the Locala Video & Card format, which perfectly showcased the Monogram collection. The Video & Card is available as a full screen portrait video, an in-read placement and also as a video banner.  Video & Card combines an engaging video followed by a dynamically personalized end card. Users can watch the full video or skip directly to the end card, that displayed the boutique’s address and led to a dynamic store locator, which guided the users from their current location to the store. 

We also displayed the Video & Card format to reinforce the impact of Burberry’s Monogram billboard advertising in the Montenapoleone metro station, 280 meters from Burberry’s boutique.

We reached Burberry’s targeted audience – using the same targeting criteria as the proximity strategy – when they were 500 meters from the entrance of the metro station.

Campaign Results

Locala’s Burberry campaign was online from the end of May to the beginning of June 2020. During 26 days, we delivered almost 2 million impressions 100% rendered, exclusively to the desired target, in a brand-safe environment, following a specific whitelist, and with equal volumes for the proximity and OOH strategies.

Overall, Locala generated 1,255 visits to Burberry’s Montenapoleone boutique, a huge 96% footfall uplift. Store visits are always independently validated by third party partner Adsquare, to guarantee full transparency and impartiality to our advertisers.

As for the distribution of the visits, the top performing day was Wednesday, which accounted for 20% of total visits, followed by Saturday with 18%. In addition, the peak visit time was around 6pm for 16% of visits.

27% of shoppers visited Burberry’s boutique 10 days after seeing the mobile advertising, showing proximity marketing – when combined with highly effective audience targeting – works well not only for short-term conversion, but also has medium-term resonance.

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