Rexona (Unilever)

Unilever has called on media agency Mindshare and drive-to-store specialist Locala to create a mobile advertising campaign for its new antiperspirant range: Rexona Protection Active+. They used a moment marketing campaign to engage with customers by displaying personalized messages depending on the time of day and the app used.

Campaign Insights

Measuring the impact of an ad on sales is a real challenge for brands, more so for products sold by large retailers. As a world leader of the consumer goods market, Unilever was no exception. Faced with this challenge for the launch of its new Rexona Protection Active+ range, the group implemented a powerful Moment Marketing campaign, whose goal was to isolate and measure the real impact of mobile ads on the revenue of retail-sold brands.

What characterized this approach was its ability to measure the actual impact of ad exposure on antiperspirant sales. Indeed, Rexona was able to determine the real impact of its digital ad on the brand’s revenue by comparing the sales results of a specific city targeted with Locala’s campaign with those of a non-exposed sample city.

In order to do so, Locala used MarketingScan’s proprietary measurement solution, which enabled it to access the sales receipts data of many retailers in large cities that were representative of the French population. And by exposing shoppers to a moment marketing campaign, with real-time customized and contextualized messages depending on their location, the time of day and the app used, Unilever managed to pinpoint the real impact of these mobile ads within the multimedia advertising funnel.

Campaigns Results

The results were overwhelmingly positive. This campaign managed to create a strong customer engagement and CTRs went as high as 3.96% depending on the message displayed. This led to an 11% sales uplift on the new Rexona range in the targeted city, with a 9% and 12% sales uplift on men’s products and women’s products respectively. What’s more, the brand as a whole saw a 6% rise in sales in exposed shops.

Through an ultra-personalized and engaging message, Locala went beyond the traditional KPIs associated with digital advertising to accurately show its impact on a brand’s revenue and product sales.  

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