Locala announced today a brand-new green initiative to help remove carbon emissions generated by its drive-to-store campaigns. In a long-term partnership with sustainable forestry company EcoTree, Locala will plant new forests to help offset the impact advertising campaigns have on the environment.

From today, every advertising campaign run through Locala’s drive-to-store platform will have its carbon footprint reduced through the planting of trees. At current estimate, direct emissions from campaigns run by Locala equate to around 168 tons of CO2 each year. That means more than 5,000 trees would be planted in 2020 to help offset these emissions, with the number increasing as the business grows.

 “This green initiative goes beyond a one-off purchase of trees, this is a future-facing commitment meaning our business will only offer advertising that is sustainable for our planet” said Locala CEO Christophe Collet.

“Our clients are taking steps to deliver planet-friendly products and services, reducing the impact their activities have on the environment” Collet added. “We want to support brands to reach those goals by delivering advertising that is good for advertisers, good for people and good for the planet”.

“This partnership is born in the particular context of the pandemic, which is a wake up call for us all to build a better world, where our human activities are carried out with the desire to take better care of the environment. EcoTree allows us to work towards our objective of offering sustainable advertising, and to bring our clients along in this great challenge.“ Baudouin Vercken, co-founder of EcoTree

This is an employee-led initiative, started by Locala’s employees, who voted to support green initiatives throughout 2019, and has already begun with the planting of 300 trees in partnership with EcoTree in France.