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christmasblogAs the most wonderful time of the year draws closer, advertisers wait with anticipation to maximize their revenue among holiday gift givers. On the other hand, consumers are used to the hoards of ads prior to the holiday season either in TV, print, radio, or digital. One thing for sure this year, advertisers need to be ahead of changing consumer behaviours to make sure they stand out. Brand presence in the mobile channel is a must-have this season, advertisers should invest their budget into the most recurring medium along the consumer’s path to purchase. By allocating simply 1% of the global advertising budget to mobile, this will boost brand visibility, attract and engage with consumers in a more personal way.

The great news for advertisers is that 80% of gift shoppers have not yet started gift hunting by November 1st. Brands can still capture the attention and win over their desired consumers as the countdown begins to the season of giving.

M-commerce accounted for nearly 20% of the holiday digital sales in 2015, and will stand to rise as shoppers consult their smartphones more and more in their purchase decisions. Brands are on a mission this Christmas, they need to master a mobile strategy in order to stay ahead of their competition.

Here are 3 tips to reach the target shoppers, engage on their mobile devices, and close the deal!

1. Reach the right audience

This year, millennials and parents are the most sought after gift shoppers by brands. 83% of millennials will be purchasing gifts for themselves this season and 78% will increase their usage of retailer apps and sites in their search. Mobile will be at the heart of the purchase decision for 56% of American parents as they pick up the latest gifts for their kids this Christmas. These loving parents are also expected to spend 25% more on gifts for their children this year compared to 2016. Reaching the right audience doesn’t stop at profiling them, sending branded messages in the most perceptive moment and a tailored context are keys to achieve the highest engagement.

2. Persist and master brand experience

More than any other period in the year, brands are fighting to stay top-of-mind among gift hunters. There is no secret ingredient, brands need to master intentional exposure! In the period leading up to the end of the year, brands should increase coverage and their campaign reach with calculated frequency capping. This strategy will unlock brand visibility and boost impulsive buys among undecided shoppers. Industry survey reports that 17% of consumers believe their mobile devices urge impulse purchases.

3. Stick to your consumers

Brands can now leverage real-time location with mobile, as is already being done by apps like Uber, Waze, and Pokemon Go. This holiday season, advertisers need to build geo-conquest strategies to engage shoppers on the move, deliver relevant messages in real-time and bridge the online and offline user experience seamlessly. The power of mastering these strategies will mean a boost in foot traffic from gift shoppers this year.

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