Locala Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary and Rapid International Expansion With Worldwide Rebrand and Rename

Following impressive growth and increased penetration within the world’s top agencies and brands, the company has announced that it is further evolving.

NEW YORK, March 3, 2022 – S4M, the leading drive-to-store platform for tier-one retailers, restaurants & auto dealerships, today announced it is rebranding to Locala. The company was founded a decade ago with a mission to drive industry-leading success for location-based businesses using mobile advertising. Since 2011, S4M’s technology has consistently evolved, using machine learning algorithms to learn from consumer movements and their response to tens of thousands of campaigns. This unique, fully automated approach has resulted in a platform that is unmatched with regards to both hyper-localized campaign performance and granular measurement capabilities. The company has also scaled its business globally, now operating in over ten countries and performing campaigns in dozens more.

S4M’s move to the Locala name is designed to better represent the company’s complete suite of advertising and measurement solutions and cement its focus on supporting location-based businesses. Current worldwide events have increased the frequency with which consumer buying patterns have changed, and Locala has been designed from the ground up to create and sustain reliable revenue streams via physical or eCommerce traffic.

“It’s important that communities have thriving restaurants, busy shops, and successful auto dealerships! Physical stores are THE social bond that ties us all together. Everyone needs them. Everyone loves them.,” said Christophe Collet, Locala’s CEO. “Our mission is to help them to adapt to the new, post-covid world. This world is a hybrid where the customer journey is no longer digital or physical, but rather it is both at the same time”

“Locala is the perfect name to describe the power of our platform. We are unique in the industry with our ten years of machine learning algorithms continuously optimizing towards one goal – Drive more consumers to stores and prove the results.,” said Cameron V. Peebles, Locala’s Global Chief Marketing Officer. “We know that the marketplace views us as a globally insightful platform that can create local impacts. Whether it’s for audiences, analytics, attribution or activation, our data never sleeps and we are always thinking of new ways to accelerate client ROI.”

About Locala
Trusted for more than a decade by the world’s top retailers, restaurants, & auto brands, Locala is the recognized leader in driving consumers to physical and ecommerce stores, as well as proving the results. Locala’s powerful & complete suite of digital marketing products provides unmatched visibility into shoppers and competitors while delivering complete control over where and when brands can reach high-potential consumers and drive them to buy. Founded in 2011, the company has offices in the United States, France, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and the UAE.

Locala receives MRC accreditation and is currently the only platform to have certification on mobile post-click ad metrics

 Locala’s served impressions, clicks, CTR, landing pages, installs and opens on mobile browsers and applications are now MRC accredited

NEW YORK, NY June 7, 2016 — Locala (Success for Mobile), a fast-growing mobile ad tech company, has been granted Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for mobile ad metrics, including served display and rich media ad impressions, clicks, and CTR for both mobile browsers and apps. Significantly, Locala is now the only service currently accredited by MRC for certain important mobile post-click metrics, including landings for browsers, and installs and opens for apps. 

We have always put quality, transparency and accountability first and we are honored to have our efforts officially recognized by the MRC,” said Christophe Collet, CEO of Locala. “With this accreditation, we are committed to keeping our high standards in place for our partners and providing them with the most efficient assessments of their customer journeys on mobile. We firmly believe that advertisers should only pay for ads that have been truly delivered to mobile devices and we are proud to provide our clients with the most accurate views into their mobile campaigns.” 

As a result of this independent third-party accreditation process, Locala’s measurements are now validated to provide marketers with assurances that its metrics comply with rigorous MRC standards and IAB/MMA/MRC measurement guidelines. This accreditation was granted for measurements based on Locala’s proprietary technology for HTML5 ad formats.  

Congratulations to Locala on becoming a MRC accredited company and the only player to have accreditations on mobile post-ad metrics today. We leverage the Locala platform for branding and performance mobile campaigns for some of our most valued-clients. This accountability is very important us, and the industry as a whole,” said Benoit Cacheux, Global Digital Director, ZenithOptimedia.  

 “MRC is pleased to congratulate Locala for this achievement,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of the Media Rating Council.  “Locala’s accreditation is a result of an extensive audit and review process through which it demonstrated its compliance with rigorous industry measurement standards, and accreditation of certain of its post-click metrics will help to provide ad buyers with an additional level of assurance when evaluating the value of their investments.” 

Today some in the industry simply count an ad impression as served from a hit from the ad request. The Locala technology for HTML5 formats surpasses the current industry standard for served impression counting and considers an impression rendered only after the format has been 100% fully loaded plus one second on mobile. 

Locala's MRC accredited capbilities
Locala's MRC accredited capbilities Locala’s MRC accredited capbilities

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