Driving Visits to 100+ Black-Owned Businesses
"Working with Locala on our Black Black Friday initiative really helped increase awareness and foot traffic. Their expertise in pinpointing and engaging with the right audiences at the hyperlocal level has enabled us to increase card sales with consumers and drive incremental visits and spending at hundreds of black-owned businesses during the holiday season. We were thrilled to partner with a like-minded company that shares our passion for supporting local businesses."
Chris Witherspoon,

The Brief
DNA, an independent creative agency, aimed to launch a media campaign to support their Black Black Friday initiative, intending to raise awareness in the Seattle market and inspire consumers to buy from over 100 black-owned businesses.  The goal was to generate $250,000 in revenue by selling 2,500 prepaid cards. 

The Strategy
To boost foot traffic to black-owned businesses in the Seattle Market, Locala implemented two distinct targeting strategies to encourage prepaid card purchases and drive shoppers into businesses. 

Custom Audiences
Targeting consumers who are discount and/or coupon shoppers, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shoppers, or those interested in supporting their community.

Socio-Demographic Geotargeting
Targeting people in areas with a high African American socio-demographic score, as identified by Locala’s proprietary Retail Analytics platform. 

Footfall Uplift +31.74%
Store Visits 4.2K+
Cost Per Visit $5.95
Clicks 5.4K
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“I can tell you that on the day Black Black Friday launched, most of the data that I had in both my locations indicated that we were up close to 60% of new customers.”
Harold Fields
Owner, Umani Kushi

By targeting the right consumers in hyperlocal areas, Locala successfully drove awareness of black-owned businesses, prepaid card purchase intent and increased foot traffic to black-owned businesses for Black Black Friday.

Overall, Locala contributed to DNA’s larger efforts which resulted in selling over $180K worth of gift cards, ultimately increasing revenue brought in to Black Owned business in Seattle. 

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