Increasing reach with the Golden Palace
omnichannel campaign

The Brief

Golden Palace, a  Belgian casino chain  wanted to promote its gaming offer during the holiday season in 2022 by driving traffic to their casinos at a national level. Locala helped the chain communicate through an omnichannel strategy to increase the reach of the campaign. The target audience was affinity-based, and the goal was to stand out from the competition during this communication-saturated period.

The Strategy

Audience Clusters:

Locala created custom affinity-based audience segments to target two different profiles interested in the casino world. The first segment included gambling and casino enthusiasts, and the second was a niche target audience focused on the demographic celebrating  the Chinese New Year. The second phase aimed to retarget mobile users who needed to be more engaged in the first phase and to convert this  demographic by enlarging the reach with Chinese mobile users.


Golden Palace worked with a team of designers to create an omnichannel campaign with different sets of creatives, including three mobile creatives (interstitial, MPU, and banner formats) in both French and Dutch languages, a set of DOOH creatives in both languages, and a branded store locator developed by Locala to contextualize the message.

golden palace (2)

Targeting Capabilities:

Locala used real-time mobility data and online browsing history to target the most relevant profiles that were likely to visit Golden Palace POIs. The campaign focused on creating synergy between mobile and DOOH.

The Results

  • The campaign delivered 1,087,653 impressions on both mobile and DOOH channels. with 73% of impressions on mobile. 
  • The campaign reached 224,073 unique users on mobile.
  • The campaign resulted in 14,596 visits globally, with 8,009 visits from mobile and 6,587 visits from DOOH. 
  • The footfall uplift was 50.5%, and the CPV was 1.50€ on mobile and 1.37€ on DOOH.

The positive impact of the campaign can be attributed to targeting the right audience on the right channel at the right time.


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