Back in Blue: Levi's leverages Mobile and DOOH to boost in-store traffic


With the back-to-school season approaching, Levi’s wanted to promote the “Back in Blue” campaign and maximize in-store sales by generating maximum traffic.

To achieve this, the brand chose to focus on two distinct audience segments: students and parents, adopting a tailored strategy for both of them.

In store visits 15K
Uplift +65 %
Impacted stores 100 %
Intent to buy +15 pts
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To achieve these goals, two media channels were activated: mobile display to target parents and students, and DOOH to further engage the student audience.

For the mobile display, Locala used geo-behavioral data to identify :

– Parents: schools, colleges, kids’ fashion stores.

– Students: universities, colleges, campuses, student living areas.

We selected DOOH panels in areas where students are over-represented around Levi’s stores to optimize the efficiency of the media campaign and maximize in-store traffic.

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