Italy is the home of delicious traditional food, and Italians always look for fresh local ingredients. To satisfy their consumers’ tastes, McDonald’s partnered with Giallozafferano – an Italian leading recipes platform – to develop the McChicken Variation, a new line with chicken and tasty ingredients that’s 100% Italian.

The Brief

McDonald’s called on OMD media agency and drive-to-store platform Locala to raise awareness among potential customers and drive visits to their 580 restaurants across Italy.

The Strategy

Together, we delivered a highly targeted mobile campaign, reaching users between 18 and 54 years old across three clusters: frequent McDonald’s visitors, fast food lovers, and users of Italian cuisine apps, including Giallozafferano.

To optimize campaign visibility, we used our Dynamic Catchment Area geolocation technology to target areas within an optimal travel time to restaurants – 10 minutes on foot and 20 minutes by car.

We designed a mix of simple yet engaging ad formats to provide a friendly user experience. The unit displayed the brand-new product line and led the users to a store locator, to help them find the closest restaurant. We also included a creative banner inside the store locator that invited the user to get more information on the McDonald’s website.

The Results

In less than 20 days, we were able to drive 2,969 new visits to McDonald’s restaurants, with an impressive 58% visit uplift, only a month after the end of the pandemic lockdown, proving that a tailored drive-to-store strategy is key for retailers to drive significant results even in difficult times.

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