Over the past two years, data collection regulations have become more stringent in Europe and the US with GDPR and CCPA. Consumers are now getting back more control over their personal information when it comes to what is being shared with brands through mobile devices. 

As these policies come into the public light, consumers are more aware of what data of theirs is being collected. But on the other side of this uptick in user and data privacy control is the increased responsibility for advertisers to demonstrate the importance of WHY user data is obtained in the first place, and what the end-use of it actually is. It is becoming increasingly important for publishers, brands, and tech companies to show how consumer data is leveraged, and prove to the user that it is done as a way to gain a better view of their individual interests and behaviors, which means more personalized and tailored experiences. 

We know that publishers are able to provide us with free, quality content due to the revenue that derives from being able to sell ad space, and as consumers begin to see that, we are noticing the opt-in for data collection has not dropped off as much as initially expected, showing that they are recognizing the value in sharing personal data. 

In our third episode, we spoke with Hemanshoo Bhakhri, Global Strategic Partnerships at Locala, and Anne-Sophie Molasoko, Senior Demand Account Manager at PubNative to talk about how this shift in consumer privacy has made the call for publishers to prove the benefits of data collection to their users. 

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Anne-Sophie Molasoko, Senior Demand Account Manager, PubNative



Heman Bhakhri, Global Strategic Partnerships, Locala



Hosted by Lauren Bigland, VP Brand Strategy & Communications, Locala