IAB Europe has appointed Locala’s General Counsel Thomas Adhumeau chair of their TCF DPA outreach working group, as the body seeks formal approval of its Transparency and Consent Framework.

The DPA Outreach Working Group was set up by the TCF steering group to raise awareness and understanding of the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework among data protection authorities across Europe and in the UK.

The goal of the working group is to ensure the industry is able to engage with data protection authorities when necessary to address their questions and/or concerns with respect to the Framework. Any feedback received from data protection authorities is then shared with the Steering Group for further discussion. The aim is to continue to improve the TCF, so it can become an even better GDPR compliance tool for the advertising industry.

“I am pleased to be chairing the DPA outreach working group. We have a lot on our plate as data protection authorities across Europe release their guidelines outlining what they expect from the online advertising industry in terms of GDPR compliance. Formal approval of the TCF as a GDPR transnational Code of Conduct remains the goal. It’ll be a lot of work, but we are determined to make that happen”, shared Thomas Adhumeau.

Vice Chair was named as Paula Ortiz, Director of Legal and Institutional Affairs at IAB Spain.

For more information on the DPA outreach working group visit the IAB website.