Even a great ad can miss the mark if it isn’t delivered in the right context. The right format can help you effectively communicate with your consumers, helping you to reach your goal of increased in-store or online visits. 

At Locala we understand that an ad format can be just as powerful as the messaging it is delivering. That’s why we’ve launched our Expandable format — an impactful way to boost awareness for your brand, providing a seamless and engaging way to reach users. 

The Expandable can help brands increase site visits and brand recall through combining formats that integrate seamlessly into a mobile users’ activities with dynamic messaging. 

How it works:

Users are delivered an MPU or banner ad within their feed. These powerful formats provide native-like content experiences that are user-friendly and ensure the audience has positive viewing. Engaged users can click to expand the messaging into a full page creative that showcases your brand or products before accessing your mobile site or a real-time store locator to your nearest location. Each step is developed in a way that can be tracked to ensure the user’s engagement, making sure you see the return on ad spend. 

This is a smart way for brands to upgrade a standard MPU or banner ad and capitalize on a more engaged audience. The Expandable guarantees all the reach of those formats, ensuring that your brand has a better chance of being seen by users in premium environments while providing the information of a full screen, more dynamic format. 

The Expandable’s impactful combination of effective formats with powerful video messaging allows brands to be thoughtful about how they are engaging users, all while helping you to drive footfall to your physical location or online stores. 

To learn more about the Expandable, watch this short video.