Locala announces today the release of a pioneering ad format, the Multi-Store DCO. This innovative ad format combines branded product content with a Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) feature to engage with consumers and help them identify the closest selection of retailers.

Intuitive by design, this new format is very easy for shoppers to navigate. Within the ad experience, they are exposed to a ranked list of stores where they can find the product. The store locations displayed are determined by their physical proximity to shoppers, with the closest store appearing first. In a second step, shoppers can click on the store best suiting their needs (direction of travel, closeness…), which initiates directions to open directly within the map application installed on their device.

The advantage of the Multi-Store DCO is twofold for advertisers. They can raise awareness of their products as well as promote a localized selection of brand-owned stores at the same time. With this new ad format, brands now have a smart way of delivering the hyper localized interactions consumers crave.

This format is particularly interesting for brands whose products are sold in larger department stores. Indeed, the Multi-Store DCO is a fail-proof tool to help them increase their visibility, and that of their products, in an environment where shoppers are overwhelmed with choice.

This consumer-centric approach not only raises awareness of a specific product, but also of multiple points of sale. By highlighting stores that are geographically relevant to each shopper, the Multi-Store DCO provides practical assistance for product purchase.

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To learn more about our new Multi-Store DCO ad format, watch this video.