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What does it mean to be a Sales Manager? 

Well, as you can imagine, it means that I sell things! So, I’m usually on the phone with my clients to talk about what they want and how I can help them achieve it. I also spend a lot of time studying the best strategy to meet my clients’ requests. But it’s not all just work. I get to go to media agencies to meet with planners to do some networking and to update them on our latest news.

What is the craziest object you have on your desk?

It’s not really crazy but I have a sea stone. It’s a souvenir from Normandy.

If you could exchange positions with a colleague, who would it be and why?

Definitely designers! I’ve always been interested in arts, design and photography. Since my first job experience in a creative agency actually. I just find designer and copywriter jobs so mind blowing…

What do you like most about your job?

Studying new strategies and pitching the best one to the client. I love the networking part, too!

Who’s your favorite historical character?

Cleopatra. All the way.

And your favorite superhero?

Wonder Woman, of course!

What can we find in your fridge?

At the moment, some falafel, vegetables and eggs.

What’s your most useful skill?

I’d say empathy. It’s helped me a lot connect with people and it’s dead useful when you’re directly in contact with the client.

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