Ad Formats

The Swipe-Up

The Swipe-up is ideal for advertisers who want to raise awareness of their products by extending the ad experience beyond the edges of the screen.

Users are invited to swipe-up on the ad to discover more information about the product, then  encouraged to continue the experience on the brand’s website.

The Mosaic

Designed to create an immersive user experience, the Mosaic ad format merges video and image content with an interactive product slider and the address of your nearest store.

It’s the perfect format to help you raise awareness of multiple products within a specific collection, or to showcase one high-value product from several angles and with more detail.

The Path

The Path is a breakthrough mobile format that takes users on an immersive discovery of a branded product message. It is truly one of a kind, providing intuitive navigation to deliver an entertaining and seamless mobile user experience.

The Multi-Store DCO

Intuitive by design, the Multi-Store DCO is ideal for advertisers who wish to raise awareness of their products as well as for promoting a localized selection of brand-owned stores.

This innovative format combines branded product content with a Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) feature, helping consumers to identify the closest range of retailers.

The Story

Marketers can deliver mobile advertising content to shoppers in the same way they consume social media with Story, Locala’s exclusive ad format.

This mobile-first format can integrate up to 3 videos or images that are skippable by the user with the same intuitive gestures from Snapchat or Instagram.

The Travelling

The Travelling is an exclusive Locala format that incorporates the gyroscope and touch function in mobile devices. This interactive video format can be used in combination with images allowing users to scroll horizontally within the format. Brands can really captivate the user’s complete attention and take them inside a branded experience.

The Skybox

The Skybox is an innovate mobile ad format created by Locala’s Studio to deliver an immersive 360° experience. This format is fully trackable and ready to deploy on all our SSPs.

The Gallery

The Gallery is an ad format designed to display multiple products or images in an easily scrollable thumbnail format. This ad unit utilizes a traditional e-commerce display showcasing multiple products and couples them with machine learning drive-to-store strategy in order to help retailers highlight products available at the location nearest to the customer.

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