New York, NY, January 16, 2023 – Locala, the commerce media platform helping brands target their most valued customers and drive them to stores, today announced the launch of Dynamic Commerce Areas (DCA) .

Understanding consumers mobility trends and defining affinity areas has been at the core of Locala’s offering since the beginning. With the rise of commerce media, developing a closed-loop solution to go beyond location-based advertising and reach the right audience segment to get the best results is key to help brands navigate the demands of the new consumer journey.

Dynamic Commerce Areas takes geo-contextual  targeting one step further by  leveraging live mobility flux to highlight areas where people are most likely to visit a store later on.  When targeted, pre-existing visitors and  passersby’s travel habits allow a bigger impact on the conversion rate and overall foot traffic.

“Simply put, leveraging our mobility, purchase, and intent data enables our platform to drive incremental visits and sales” notes Christophe Collet, CEO of Locala.

“ With the rise of commerce-driven media, investing in the right technology to yield the highest results on ad spend is critical to stay competitive. Partnering with Locala has helped us increase our clients’ incremental revenue and access valuable insights to reach their audience. We trust that DCA will help increase ROI and drive footfall and sales for our clients” says Suzana Lay, Agency Planning Director at the Grove Media.

Developed in compliance with GDPR,  the strictest privacy regulation framework in the world, Locala’s DCA empowers brands with a reliable and powerful digital marketing tool that respects consumers essential right to privacy.

“ In the current economic climate, brands are looking to invest in reliable advertising that can yield the highest return. Our technology unleashes the power of data to refine customer targeting while meeting the highest privacy standards. This is a natural evolution from our drive-to-store focus.” adds Christophe Collet, CEO of Locala.

About Locala: 

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