It’s clear to see that no one, not brands nor consumers, was prepared for the upheaval that the COVID-19 pandemic brought on. And with many US states still in uncertainty about certain aspects of updated reopening plans, we’re already predicting that the back-to-school shopping season might look different than ever before. 

Back-to-School is a billion-dollar shopping season for US retailers with US parents purchasing a myriad of items from clothing and accessories to technology and electronics. In 2019 alone that spend reached over $26 billion. And while we know shopping habits have shifted, 41% of US parents expect that they will still spend the same amount or more on their back-to-school shopping this year. 

When it comes to the major items being purchased in preparation for back-to-school, Deloitte found that many of these purchases still take place in-store. For instance, 62% of clothing and accessories shoppers plan to make their purchases in a physical store. The same was reported for school supplies with 62% looking to shop in-store for these items. 

Brands still have a great opportunity to reach their consumers and bring them into their brick-and-mortar locations for the purchasing but they will need to adapt their strategies this year to make the most impact. 

Check out our infographic to see how your brand can drive consumers into your stores for their back-to-school shopping this year!