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Get New Customers in and Help your Brand Succeed in all Locations.

Benefit from the power of local insights to create campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Insights That Power Marketing Action

Get local venues to launch omnichannel campaigns that resonate with their visitors by leveraging scenarios tailored by local insights.

Capitalize on
Hyperlocal Insights

Manage your budget store-by-store to account for local differences in the way media is consumed.

Make Data-Driven
Marketing Decisions

Gain the confidence to make the right decision by using marketing analytics data. Replicate the successes of top performing venues across your network.

Insights Into Who
Your Top Visitors Are

Get to know your visitors better, and increase the effectiveness of your advertising by gaining insight into your visitors’ journey

Actionable Data-Driven Insights

Reduce complexity by reacting and predicting the activity of competitors and high potential areas through actionable insights.

Unparalleled Visibility into Visitors

Our hyperlocal visitor trend data can give you insight into cross visitation patterns, and the most common lifestyle and purchase habits of your visitors, so that you can unlock new opportunities with targeted marketing action.

Locally Optimized Advertising Budgets

Leverage our AI built upon Locala’s experience and expertise that adapts the budget to maximize ROI. We recommend allocation across channels, and allow you to set different budgets for each location.

What is Locala Doing for the World’s Top Brands?

For Restaurants and Coffee Shops

How are restaurants performing in a post covid economy?

Get a snapshot of the industry as a whole, at an extremely critical time.

For Convenience Stores and Groceries

How are grocery stores performing in a post covid economy?

Take a deep dive into the grocery industry by getting a pulse on our key performance indicators: foot traffic, loyalty index and draw-in rate.

For Leisure and Fitness Centers

10-year Expertise in Drive-to-Store

Trusted for more than a decade by the world’s top retailers, restaurants, and auto brands, Locala is the recognized leader in driving consumers to stores and proving the results.

We are helping them drive people to their stores …

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?

We’ve built a SaaS solution with the goal of making it easier for organizations to make better marketing decisions. Setup campaigns that align to your objectives, whether it’s growth, reach, or awareness, and find new opportunities to help stretch your marketing dollars further, and increase ROI.

What channels are available to activate on locala?

With Locala’s omnichannel capabilities, we are able to automatically identify optimal channels, budget allocation and activation timelines. You can change to reach your future high-value visitors.

We are able to activate the Meta and Google suites, as well as video and display. We are constantly evaluating new platforms that can be integrated into our application.

What happens during the call with us?

We will discuss your network objectives & challenges and show you how our SaaS platform can help. You will be able to trial it for free for 30 days if there is a fit.

Who we are?

Trusted for more than a decade by the world’s top retailers, restaurants & fitness centers, our company is the recognized leader in driving consumers to stores and measuring the results.

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