Building on the steps that Locala, formerly Locala, has taken to reduce its carbon footprint and create an environment of diversity and inclusion, Locala has announced a continued commitment to engage employees in carrying out our mission. “As our company grows, so does our commitment to operating in a socially and ethically responsible manner by further solidifying and organizing our sustainability and diversity initiatives. We are thrilled to have had such an overwhelming response by our employees around the world to help support these causes,” commented Christophe Collet, CEO.

Our Planet: Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
In 2021, Locala received Bronze Status according to the EcoVadis scorecard. EcoVadis is an online platform that assesses individual company ESG and sustainability performance. Our goal for this year is to raise our rating to Silver Status through the following initiatives:

  • Set clear policies on environment, social, and governance
  • Conduct a third-party global audit
  • Publish our CSR commitments publicly
  • Create a marketing and social strategy to ensure transparency with our suppliers, clients, and the broader world
  • Sign the climate pledge & monitor our progress
  • Benchmark our carbon report against competitors in our industry
  • Commit to credible carbon offset targets

 Locala has been making tremendous progress on these initiatives including:

  • Commitment to invest $100K in sustainability initiatives
  • Offset 200 tons of carbon through our long-term partnership with NOOS & Ecotree, planting over 17,000 trees across the world since 2019
  • Our office buildings in Paris, Marseille & Miami were all low-energy consumption centers.
  • Increased staff recycling to 75% participation through our Greenquest initiative

Our People: Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion 
As a global company with employees from all over the world, Locala is committed to creating a workplace where all are welcome and our differences are celebrated. Our goal in bringing diversity and inclusion to the forefront of our workplace is to: 

  • Value, encourage and support a diverse workforce
  • Champion career and professional growth
  • Create a productive work environment free of harassment
  • Give back and support our local communities

Together, the 30+ volunteers of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) committee created a mission statement centered around  educating and celebrating the different backgrounds that represent our work community.

 2022 DEI committee initiatives will include: 

  • Internal Trainings: Inclusion, Equity & Unconscious Bias
  • Convening a subcommittee to audit external branding on a quarterly basis
  • Global Speaker Events

About Locala
Trusted for more than a decade by the world’s top retailers, restaurants and auto brands, Locala is the recognized leader in driving consumers to stores and measuring the results. Locala’s powerful and complete suite of digital marketing tools provides unmatched visibility into shoppers and competitors while delivering complete control over where and when brands can reach high-potential consumers and drive them to buy. Founded in 2012, the company has offices in the United States, France, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and the UAE.