With ever-changing mobility patterns in 2020, rediscovering the catchment area of your store is more important now than ever. The composition of the high-street has changed and understanding where these customers come from and how they move will help you identify your new catchment area.

Our drive-to-store platform Fusio has a built-in targeting tool called DCA (Dynamic Catchment Area). It allows you to define your location targeting criteria based on real-world mobility patterns that measure affinity with your store and true walking or driving distance.

Thanks to this innovative targeting you can set up specific strategies for each of your stores, adapting your approach using your business know-how to anything from the most densely populated urban areas to rural areas with a regional audience.

Here are some strategies you can craft using our DCA tool:

  • Effective targeting around your store

Use our brand affinity targeting to identify areas around your store with strong sympathy towards your store and either reinforce existing trends or generate brand interest in areas with lower brand awareness. Combine this knowledge with the ideal travel distance and transport to your store to find your most effective targeting locations.

  • Influence competitor store visitors

Persuade your competitors’ store visitors to come to your store by targeting their store locations or areas with high affinity with their stores. This is a great way to increase brand recall and store visits in heavy shopping areas.

  • Simplify the shopper experience with complementary purchases

Promote your product to users who are visiting related stores. Catch them when they are in the right mindset, provide them with a useful service, and drive additional visits.

  • Combine with other audience data, like demographics

No one knows your customers better than you. Do they drive or walk to your stores? Do they come from work or from home? Do you cater to families? Create custom areas based on your own data or third-party data and target the best locations for your business.