2020 was a particularly difficult year for brick-and-mortar. On top of ongoing concerns like the shift to ecommerce or how to engage with customers looking for more innovative in-store experiences, retailers now had to contend with a global pandemic that was shifting the marketplace like never before.

Social distancing and successive lockdowns took their toll on business owners. Faced with the closing of all non-essential businesses, retailers had to adapt their strategy to face these challenges head-on and pivoted to create new omnichannel experiences to keep on engaging with their customers. People were very receptive to this new approach, as was proven by their eagerness to get out of their homes and back to normal, and to stores, as restrictions were lifted.

If you are a business, big or small, with a physical location, you must figure out how to run advertising that can successfully deliver against your goals and drive customers into your stores, dealerships and restaurants.

That is why at Locala, we’ve developed a best practices handbook highlighting the most effective drive-to-store tactics for brands across verticals, with success stories from our very own clients.

In this guide, you will find the three critical elements of creating, managing and optimizing drive-to-store campaigns. The insights in the report include:

  • How to get your campaign set-up right. The goal of a drive-to-store campaign is different from a standard ad campaign, which means considering things like travel time, radius targeting, and precise competitor targeting.
  • The biggest mistake people make when running drive-to-store campaigns. Measuring performance only at the end of your campaign is too little too late. That’s why foot traffic and optimizing the campaign mid-flight is critical to its overall success.
  • Success stories from major brands like L’Occitane, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, Dr.Oetker and Burberry, that show the real impact of a well-executed drive-to-store campaign.

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