A second interview for the Mobile Truths Series…

MobileTruth_insightMobile Truths is a series of spontaneous interviews from with different people from Locala to share their insights on the mobile programmatic ecosystem.

Jean-Philippe Haller, Global Head of Publisher Management & Development at Locala, speaks about his outlook on the state of publishers in the mobile programmatic ecosystem.

Publishers face different challenges in today’s fast-changing programmatic landscape. First, there is the need to attract and retain users, next it is ensuring a competitive existence in an ecosystem that is quickly being crowded by few dominating players.

Content is expensive to produce but is key to users’ hearts. Jean-Philippe explains publishers’ challenges to monetize while generating quality content that puts the user first. Next, he sees a need for publishers to unite to defend their position against oligopolistic players such as Google. For publishers it is important to forge strong relationships with independent trading desks to maximise on high quality audiences find a way to balance out the market.