In the next installment of our political advertising series, we’re sharing how advertisers can leverage voter’s behavior and interest in order to effectively connect with them. 

Political advertisers should consider partnering with a partner that has access to the breadth and depth of accurate audience insights and understanding. This understanding of where a person stands on certain social issues such as, equal rights, the environment, and gun control will ultimately help candidates understand who the voters are in their districts. It can also provide insight into if your campaign has a chance at earning a potential voter’s support or if they in the past have voted for candidates with opposite policies than your own. 

Having access to these data insights will ultimately allow candidates to determine who they should be reaching in order to garner support, and will help limit outreach to citizens that will most likely not support their campaign. Advertisers can also harness this data to build messaging that speaks to undecided registered voters, or those voters who may be considered ‘swing’ and have shown support for either party on various issues. Using this data provides the tools to conquer those undecided or independent registered voters. 

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