It’s undeniable the recent pandemic has had massive implications on physical retail. From the way people shop, to how they spend their free time and how they move around, COVID-19 has left a lasting impact on consumer behavior.

As consumers head back into stores, brands are rethinking their advertising strategy to better meet new customer expectations, habits and behavior. To help, we’ve developed the Back-to-Store report – a customized study examining your stores’ catchment areas and with tailored strategies to encourage consumers back.

With Back-to-Store, marketers will have access to exclusive and actionable insights to better understand how their stores’ affinity areas are evolving, and identify which high-potential neighborhoods they should invest in. You’ll be able to track the evolution of consumers’ mobility and see which regions they find more attractive to better localize media spend.

Receive a personalized report with actionable insights to build a more effective drive-to-store strategy and boost footfall to your stores.

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*Please note that due to high demand we are only able to offer the report to brand-side advertisers at this stage.