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From Branding to Drive-to-Store Performance.

Our omnichannel platform helps brands plan, activate and optimize media campaigns at every stage of the consumer journey and across every digital channel  (DOOH, CTV, Video, Audio, or Display).

Our data never sleeps, and with every consumer movement, our platform becomes more effective at discovering your highest value customers and driving them to location based businesses. 

Locala’s audiences combine real-world behaviors, online and offline purchases, demographics, psychographics, and advanced extrapolation methodologies to drive the highest possible results.

  • Hyper-accurate, performance-based audiences.
  • Layerable data sources, including location, basket size, frequency, and more.
  • Zero reliance on inaccurate lookalike modeling

Locala’s exclusive extrapolation methodology gives our clients access to the most accurate campaign attribution capabilities available today.

  • 100% hyper-accurate SDK location data
  • Advanced algorithmic attribution with unmatched accuracy
  • Privacy first, GDPR and ATT compliant

Locala’s analytics capabilities give brands unmatched visibility into their customers, their competitor’s customers, and emerging trends that can have dramatic impacts on business, both now and in the future.

  • Industry-leading consumer visibility
  • Real-time, actionable trend identification
  • Brick & Mortar to eCommerce trend identification
  • Granular analytics down to the store level

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