Article by Pierre-Emmanuel Padiou

The topic of geomarketing is steadily gaining traction, especially as advertisers are looking for inexpensive, easy, and reliable targeting solutions.

Users are no longer searching for locations based on distance, but on the maximum travel time it will take them to get there. Picture this: You are looking for a place to eat near your office. As a user you want to be able to select one that requires no more than a 15-minute driving distance, instead of knowing that this location is 2.3 miles away. 

Luckily, at Locala six years ago we developed a core technology to help: Isochrone Targeting. This technology effectively targets areas based on driving or walking time around your location(s). As we are privacy compliant, you can target and scale the right audience at a local level!

Guess who started to highlight a similar feature: Google. If you’re searching for hotels in Google Maps, you will notice you can now choose one based on travel time. Now is the time for marketers, and advertisers to invest in a similar approach. Why? If users are venturing to locations with travel time in mind, you will need to capture and reach these high-potential consumers that are outside of a traditional radius.

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