With only three weeks left until the IAB’s TCF switches to v2.0, the digital advertising industry is putting the finishing touches to their policies to effectively deliver this collective vision.

This second iteration of the framework enables users to opt in or out of advertising targeting under GDPR. With TCF v2.0, consumers can grant or withhold consent and exercise their right to object to their data being processed. It’s a step up from the first framework that allows users more control over their personal data.

The IAB’s TCF v2.0 was officially approved by IAB Europe members in August 2019. Locala has been preparing for it from day one and we’re pleased to say that, thanks to the hard work of our product, legal and partnerships teams, we now fully support this second version of the IAB’s TCF. Locala has been involved from the very start to help deliver this vision, working on its development as part of the IAB Europe’s TCF Steering Group, as well as other working groups such as the Policy and DPA outreach groups.

Fusio, our drive-to-store platform, has supported v2.0 since early April, ahead of the IAB’s August 15 deadline. This means Locala now benefits from users directly opting into geolocation data, ensuring all advertising is user-friendly and transparent without impacting clients.

The IAB’s TCF v2.0 is a real asset for the industry. With enhanced transparency for users and greater control and flexibility for publishers, we’re convinced this new version will bring more choice and transparency to users and we’re already working with the IAB on a potential v3.0.

To learn more about TCF v2.0, visit the IAB Europe’s website.

This article was written by Thomas Adhumeau, General Counsel at Locala.