Corporate Social Responsibility has been sort of a buzzword in the industry over the past couple of years, but 2020 has really made businesses put their money, and their time, where their mouth is. 

With Generation Z becoming a large part of the working population, we are seeing the increase of interest from internal employees to work for a brand or company that has a CSR arm and actively contributes to organizations that align with their beliefs and values. This is also something that is becoming very apparent when we look at how consumers are determining what brands they will and won’t buy from. 

Noticing the desire for businesses in the ad tech industry to be more purposeful with their time and the way they engage with their clients and employees, Chad Hickey started Givsly,  a company built to drive business through a culture of purpose. 

In the latest episode of the Locala Academy Podcast, we sat down with Chad, CEO, and Founder at Givsly, and Locala’s Ed Silhan, Chief Revenue Officer, North America, to talk about the importance of instilling your brand/company with a sense of purpose that aligns with your audience, internally and externally. 

Take a listen to their conversation and to learn more about Givsly. 


Chad Hickey,  Founder, and CEO, Givsly



Ed Silhan, Chief Revenue Officer, North America, Locala



Hosted by Lauren Bigland, VP, Brand Strategy and Communications, Locala