2020 hasn’t been an easy year for high-street retailers, and with more lockdown-type restrictions looming ahead of the winter months, a classic drive-to-store strategy might not be the right choice for every business.

Remaining top of mind and showing your audience how you’re still supporting them can mean a speedy recovery when you go back to business as usual. Whatever your situation is, here’s how we can help you:

You are able to open normally

If your business is considered essential and you’ll be open, we strongly recommend running drive-to-store campaigns to let your customers know you’re still trading and your updated opening hours to boost your in-store traffic. 

Targeting only your local audience during this time will work the best for your business, as your clients might not be willing or able to travel too far. To help you identify key areas, you can use our Dynamic Catchment Area tool to select the true travel distance (driving or walking) to your store and also areas that have a high affinity with your past visitors, so you can make sure your advertising is reaching potential customers only. 

You are open for takeaway, or click and collect

If you’re continuing your business but a little differently, remind your local customers that you’re still open and how to order from your store. Run a drive-to-store campaign with a twist. First, target around your catchment area – where you deliver or a short walk around your store for pick-up. Then you can direct your customers to your online store so they can place their order or you can jump this step if orders can be placed in person and direct them to their nearest store. 

Thanks to our technology, you’ll be able to measure website visits and physical store visits

Only your online store is open for deliveries 

If you can only trade online, traditional drive-to-site campaigns should be your go-to. If you can only deliver to a certain area, it’s important that you geotarget your campaign so that you reach only those who can receive your product. Once you’ve got your catchment area sorted, you can reuse existing visuals to easily have a traffic campaign up and running. 

Often advertisers rely on social media and search engines to push this type of campaign, but mobile display campaigns in-app can be highly effective to drive traffic and increase brand recall. And once your store is able to open fully again, you can retarget these high potential audiences and measure your in-store traffic. 

You had to stop all business

Sadly, many businesses have had to temporarily close their doors during lockdown. Though it might be difficult to justify ad spend during this time, running branding campaigns to remain top of mind has a strong pay off when you can resume trading

Mobile and desktop display is a great medium for branding, and even a small investment can generate sufficient reach to keep your brand in the picture and connect with your consumer base. If you cannot do it with advertising or on top of your advertising, social media can be a great way to keep in touch with your existing audience. 

If you want to know more about how we can help you navigate local and national restrictions and prepare for the future, get in touch.