In the first episode of Locala’s Academy Podcast  Lab, we sat down with Unacast to discuss our recent global partnership, with the two people closest to it, Nico Saraiva, SVP, Strategic Partnerships (Locala) and Eric Hynes, Senior Director, Head of Client Success (Unacast). 

This is a particularly important partnership for us because the integration of Unacast’s human mobility data into the Fusio platform will allow Locala to better contextualize the real-world behavior of consumers and their in-store visitation habits so that we can drive more store visits to our brand clients’ shops, restaurants, and dealerships. 

While the conversation began as a look at the work our two companies have done together, it quickly turned into a discussion on how location data has been leveraged lately to offer COVID-19 analytics to help with the ongoing health crisis and economic recovery, especially in the US. And when location data is used right, it can not only help brands deliver more relevant messages to consumers, but it can help small businesses understand how and where people are shopping and better inform them how to best reopen their shops so that we can begin to get back to thriving communities. 

Take a listen to the podcast to hear more from Nico and Eric. 


Nicolas Saraiva, SVP, Strategic Partnerships, Locala



Eric Hynes, Senior Director, Head of Client Success & Partnerships, Unacast



Hosted by Lauren Bigland, VP Brand Strategy & Communications, Locala