The onset of digital out of home has shifted what is considered a broadcast medium to a programmatic and dynamic one, merging the benefits of digital planning and measurement with the power of traditional media reach. The channel is now able to leverage advancing technology and gain better access to more consumer data, allowing digital billboards to provide targeted messaging. 

While mobile is a key driver in executing effective drive-to-store advertising campaigns, the importance of having an omnichannel approach has come to the forefront in order to be able to deliver the best possible results for brand clients. Recent research has shown that a combination of (D)OOH can drive an average 17% uplift in smartphone activations and really encourage consumer engagement. 

On our latest episode of the Locala Academy Podcast Lab, we sat down with Gavin Wilson,  Chief  Revenue Officer at VIOOH, a leading planning and trading platform for the programmatic buying and selling of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, and Nico Saraiva,  SVP Strategic Partnerships at Locala to discuss our recent partnership. 

The conversation touches upon the true benefits of combining these two channels for advertising and drive-to-store as well as gives insight into where the industry is headed and how with a better understanding of our ad technologies we may expect to see that media can breakout from being planned in silos to shifting to the concept of planning for the outcome first. 

Take a listen to the full episode here so learn more about DOOH and mobile. 



Gavin Wilson, Chief Revenue Officer, VIOOH 



Nicolas Saraiva, SVP, Strategic Partnerships, Locala



Hosted by Lauren Bigland, VP Brand Strategy & Communications, Locala