Crafting a great drive-to-store creative is not rocket science, but it’s something that can make or break a campaign. At Locala we have a creative studio team with over 10 years of experience, and we have crafted many exclusive formats using our proprietary ad builder tool that are optimized for drive-to-store. Here’s what we’ve found works best:

Lean away from heavily interactive formats

Interactive formats are great for branding campaigns because they keep customers engaged and increase brand recall. However, that means we’re already asking customers to do something (interact with the ad), so clicking through or visiting the store on top of that is too big of an ask.

Say yes to a simple path to the store

A well crafted, simple creative, containing only the essential information will keep the user focused on the follow-up action: visiting your store. It’s easy to want to add a lot of movement and text to make sure customers understand everything about your business, but a simple and clear proposition with a direct line to your closest store will do best. Let’s see how we do that in our top 3 formats.

Top three drive-to-store formats

Multi-store DCO
Is your product available in multiple stores or do you have several stores around the area? The multi-store DCO (dynamic creative optimization) helps your customers identify the closest range of stores and how to get there. The store locations are displayed in order of proximity, giving them the option of choosing the nearest one or the one that fits their destination. With a direct format that focuses on location, you can ensure that users recall what’s important: where your stores are located.

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With a simple creative format that directs users to download a pass in their mobile wallet, this format works great if you’re hosting an event or want to give your customers a voucher to redeem in-store. The best part? When a user has downloaded your voucher or event ticket, you can send an extra notification at a chosen date and time to remind them to use their pass.

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Video to store
This format combines video as high-impact media with the address of the user’s closest store using DCO technology. Remain top of mind thanks to stunning video visuals whilst keeping your drive-to-store focus. When the user clicks through, they’ll be directed to a map with directions to the nearest store, making the path to store as simple as it can be.

What these three formats have in common is a focus on leading consumers to their nearest store, rather than engaging and interacting heavily with them at the ad level. Keeping a simple path for consumers to go into your store is our number one recommendation when crafting your creative strategy. 

Our studio team, using our proprietary ad builder, has worked in over 10,000 campaigns across many years. With their support and skills, your drive-to-store creative strategy will be perfectly crafted.

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