The IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework 2.0 was rolled out at the end of April. Locala fully committed to the scheme and supported V2 from April 1.

“TCF v2.0 enables consumers to grant or withhold consent and also exercise their ‘right to object’ to data being processed. Consumers also gain more control over whether and how vendors may use certain features of data processing, for example, the use of precise geolocation.” – IAB Europe

Since the announcement of TCF V2 Locala has been involved in its development through the IAB Europe’s TCF Steering Group, as well as other working groups such as the Policy and DPA outreach groups. We are convinced this new version from the IAB will bring more user choice and transparency to users.

Locala has been supporting V2 since April 1 and fine-tuned the way Fusio, our drive-to-store platform, responds to the new signals received. By the end of April we fully supported both V1 and V2, and we will start deprecating V1 when it is no longer in use by our publisher partners (which is currently due to occur by June 30th). For those using our self-serve platform, there has been no change in campaign set-up or delivery.

We are aware that the Coronavirus may mean it is not possible for our partners to dedicate the necessary resources needed to fully implement V2 to the current deadline, so we are considering extending our deprecation date to ensure everyone is able to complete the work.

For more information on TCF V2.0 visit the IAB Europe website.