Locala is here to help brands succeed and we value your input on Fusio, our drive-to-store platform. We used to rely on you reaching out to our account management team to give us feedback – which wasn’t great for you or us. 

Fusio Feedback is an aspect of our drive-to-store self-service platform which will enable you to quickly leave us feedback on what works well and what you would like to see improved. 

Key features:

Upvoting: You will be able to see the feedback requests submitted by other users – if there’s an improvement you think is more important, you can vote for it to be addressed first by our engineering team.

Commenting: If you are interested in another user’s request, or have further suggestions, you can comment directly on the issue.

Notifications: You’ll receive a notification when your request, or a request you voted on, is being worked on and released. You’ll be one of the first to use our new tool.

To leave us feedback, log in to Fusio to access our resource center pop up from any page (the bottom-right corner question mark) – and use the ‘Fusio Feedback’ request form.

Requests can be anything from small tweaks to integrations, or ideas you’ve had that would make Fusio work better for your advertising campaigns.

Watch this space to learn more about Fusio.